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There are many ways of locating a rehabber in your area. Begin by contacting your local veterinarians. Many of them work with the rehabbers offering their services or discount medications. I have my name listed with all of the local vets as well as animal control, the local wildlife agencies, and organizations. Try this first, as they are your best resource. It is probably the most current information.

If none of these options are available to you, there are many web sites that will allow you to key in information about your location to pull up rehabbers in your area. Some of the data is not updated regularly. So be patient and just keep trying till you find someone close to you.

Some will give you email addresses while others give you phone numbers. I recommend that you do not depend on the email addresses. If the address turns out to be out of date, you could be wasting valuable time that the animal may not have at this point. Its just a matter of locating them. If there are several listed...write down all of them. Again, the data may be outdated and you will need to keep calling till you find one that is current and can take the animal.

Occasionally a rehabber will have so many animals they may not be able to take yours. In that case, they can usually refer you to another rehabber in the area.

I myself am not listed with many of the sites on the web. I find that I totally disagree with the information the are giving out to people. To list my name there is an endorsement of that site. Therefore, I will not list with a lot of those out there. I strongly recommend you use your local folks for assistance. As we all have to be licensed in the particular state where we practice, each state will have a listing through their Wildlife Resources Commission. ( it may have a different name in your state ). I am not a member of the national alliance or any of the other big organizations. Mainly because it cost too much money. So just because a rehabber is not listed there, is not a reflection on their specific abilities. I simply prefer to spend my money on formula.

Below you will find a few sites that allow you to log in and select you specific area to locate a rehabber in your area. Just scroll down into the page to find the section where you can type or click for your needs.