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Come with me, we'll leap back to the home page Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation
Welcome to the world of rescue and rehabilitation. Those of us who rehabilitate wildlife refer to ourselves as "rehabbers". For that reason throught the site you will see that term rather than rehabilitator. My primary goal is to give you enough information to do the following:
  1. Determine if the animal is in need and when you should intervene.
  2. Once you have rescued the injured/orphaned animal, how to keep it stable until you can contact a rehabber.
  3. Help you to contact a rehabber.
I congratulate you in your efforts to assist the local wildlife in your area. Please be sure the animal actually needs your help before taking any action. If not for you, many of our little friends would die. I have been a rehabber for 24 years and could not imagine my life without critters. If am grateful for people who take the time to make a difference. A lot of well meaning folks have hurt a lot of animals with cows milk and other concoctions. Just because they drink it doesn't mean its good for them. Give them a fair chance at a healthy survival.